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A Couple Ideas - Tales from the Veta Lake Apartments [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Olivia's Subeta Stories

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A Couple Ideas [Nov. 19th, 2006|05:14 pm]
Olivia's Subeta Stories


Hey! These aren't stories, but they are ideas I had about Subeta :D I think everyone has their own idea of how things work on the planet, so I figured I'd post mine. Share your thoughts, too.

The Adoption Agency

The Adoption Agency seems mysterious to many, pets and players alike. Of course, because of this, I also got an idea for how this works, too.

Any sort of organization of legal matters in Subeta - which generally has a very loose organization - is split between the human population and native Subetan population. Because of the important connections between Subetans and their legal owners, if someone is to adopt a pet or abandon it, this must be documented and the pets cared for until either they decide to live on their own or find a new owner. Some pets, after being abandoned, will be so upset that they will withdraw from all people. Others are willing to give humanity more chances.

The Adoption Agency isn't a horrible place. Granted, it's probably the worst place to live in Subeta, because everything from food to bedding is mass-produced and everyone is crammed into a tiny little facility. Each pet has living quarters just big enough to squeeze into. How are the necessities provided for? Owners must pay 3000 sP to the "pound" as soon as he or she disowns a pet. Even if the pet later decides to leave the Adoption Agency, this money will help fund the agency as a whole. Pets themselves are charged nothing for staying there, but if and when they are adopted, the new owner has a bill to pay.

Some pets opt to go live in the wild. If so, they are taking their own risks.

Humans on Subeta

Now, keep in mind that the adoption of Subetan pets is very complicated. :p They have souls as much as people do and, when left to their own devices, are equally capable of becoming self-sufficient. However, human beings came into the world of Subeta and soon became partners.

Now, this is somewhat surprising, because humans are notorious for being total jerks and completely taking over everyone else's societies. However, anyone who managed to discover a world like this was special somehow. I'm not saying they didn't open the doorway to people who have done terrible things to Subeta, but enough excellent people came here that the locals, instead of trying to wage a war on the newcomers, became teammates. They helped people learn how to live here.

Human beings learned eventually that to become skilled in battling, healing, vending, sporting, or anything else they decide to become skilled in, they tend instead of going to school and making their own way to become attached to a mentor. These "students" work much like apprentices, until eventually they are as self-sufficient as their mentors. And that's when Subetans started being "pets" to people. Those people care for (or are supposed to, at any rate) the Subetans. In exchange, the Subetans sort of work for the people. Or sit around and be cute.

The whole thing is very foggy and mysterious to most Subetans, especially with people constantly seeming to pop in and out of existence. Mostly, the system is beneficial both to native Subetans and people. Some Subetans are extremely negative toward human beings, which means that both sides must be careful to be fair to one another. Who can really blame them? Overall, however, Subeta became the marvel it is today through remarkable teamwork.