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Olivia's Subeta Stories

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Late-Night Chatter [Nov. 12th, 2006|02:48 pm]
Olivia's Subeta Stories


The day Claws discussed Clonie's situation with Lumierre, Lumierre was not aware of a conversation he had the previous night.

"Hey, Claws," said Clonie from her curled-up position on top of a bed. Next to Clonie lay Professor, and across from both of them were Claws and Loopy. A flickering pumpkin with a heart shape in it sat next to Clonie's half of the bed, the only active light source in the room. Across the way, Claws lifted his head to pay attention while the other two eyed them with interest.

"Actually, everyone," addressed Clonie, standing up and stretching. "I uh, can I trust you?"

"Yes," they answered in unison.

"I..." Clonie stood on the edge of the bed for a long time. She glanced around the little room where they all lived - cozily yet comfortably - courtesy of Livi. It was incredibly disorganized. Everyone continued to watch her expectantly as she stared around at the walls and the ceiling.

"I'm in love with Lumierre," she said, staring off into space. It was much easier to face people when you weren't facing them.

"...Ohhhh," said Professor softly.

"I know I absolutely sprung it on you," said Cloe, grinning toothily, "but it just needed to be said. Good night, everyone." She began to curl up again for sleep.

"Hey, wait," said Claws, laughing. "That was pretty sudden."

Cloe opened her eyes and stared at him. "I know. I just needed to tell you guys. I love him so much."

Professor had stood up, and now she put a reassuring paw on Clonie's shoulder. "I think he likes you, too," she whispered, referencing the heart-carved pumpkin.

"Meh. In my dreams," giggled Clonie.

"Then why did you bring it up?" asked Professor.

"Because it seems like the kind of thing that should be recognized," answered Clonie. "Even if nothing will ever come of it."

"Why won't anything come of it?" asked Loopy from the corner.

Clonie looked down at her left wrist. It was bone. "Because I'm dead, he's alive, alive things think dead things are gross."

"First of all," said Claws softly and carefully, "you aren't gross. We all know that. I have to admit," he added, glancing around the room, "we were a bit surprised at how fastidious you are."

Clonie shrugged and smiled.

"Secondly," continued Claws, "you'll never get anywhere if you don't try to get somewhere."

"Thanks, Captain Obvious," smiled Clonie.

"I'm serious," said Claws. "No one can ever promise you that everything will work out, but I can promise you that you are a better person than you think."

Clonie sat for a minute; Loopy and Professor nodded their heads in agreement.

"Thank you," she said, making a sort of bowing motion toward everyone.

"Ah, I really was just pointing out the obvious," said Claws.

After a moment of lying in the dark - trying to sleep, assumed Clonie - Clonie spoke up and asked, "Hey, Claws? Could you try to talk to Lumi for me and just see what he thinks? I mean, don't tell him I sent you. But don't lie if he actually asks. Just...could you?"

"Of course," said the Paralix. A calm settled over the room and soon everyone had dozed off.