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Olivia's Subeta Stories

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Guy Talk [Nov. 12th, 2006|02:45 pm]
Olivia's Subeta Stories


Lumierre and Claws sat at a table in downtown Centropolis. If you must know, both of them were in the peudo-anthropomorphic form they preferred - not animal enough to be unable to handle food utensils but not human enough to have to wear clothes. Both were very bored that day - not with each other, just with what was around. They were out job-hunting and happened to run into each other at a lunch restaurant, and both had generic-looking hamburgers and tried to talk about interesting things.

"So...what's going on in your life, exactly?" asked Claws. "You know, we have the same owner and we talk a lot, but I don't really know what's going on with you."

"Ah, not much," said Lumierre, settling back in his seat. He glanced up at the sky, down at the ground, back at the restaurant, and finally directly back at Claws. "How about you?"

Claws smiled. "Not very much. Life is sort of one big party now with all the folks I've gotten to know and all the time on my hands. I need a job to feel less gluttonous, lazy, and bored."

"Yeah," said Lumierre, "Me too."

Claws smiled. "Everyone wants me to have a girlfriend," he added. "ALL the girls I know, actually, want me to be involved with someone, but I don't think any of them actually want to be involved with me."

"Really?" Lumierre sat forward in his chair. "We've met a lot of female characters lately, both through Livi and through random encounters in Subeta. I'm surprised you don't have a good feeling about any of them."

Lumierre would not have said this aloud because it could obviously be taken the wrong way, but he thought that Claws was actually a good candidate for female partnership. As far as Lumi could tell, Claws was - well, he wasn't ugly, and he seemed like a pretty thoughtful person, and he had his own unique but interesting calmness. There was no boredom about him, and it was one reason why he was a good person to talk to on boring days.

"Well," said Claws, "I guess you don't know for sure. But what about you?" He looked at Lumi with a knowing smugness. "I've seen you hanging out very enthusiastically with a certain person lately."

"Like who?" asked Lumierre, his cheeks getting hot.

"You're blushing because you know I know that you have a huge crush on Cloe," said Claws, smirking. As an afterthought, he added, "Wow, I have never seen you so embarrassed before. You're usually calm."

Lumi laughed out loud, certain that his friend - no matter how condescending - wouldn't sell him out. "Yeah," he admitted plainly.

Claws sat back in his own chair for a minute, hamburger forgotten. He paused, then said, "If it's any help, I think she flirts with you on a regular basis, like every time she breathes."

"You know, you brought this up completely out of the blue," laughed Lumierre. "Did you just start that whole thing about girls just so you could tell me you think Cloe flirts with me?"

"Yeah, and also, that's why I asked how your life was," answered the Paralix. He took on a more serious note. "I think you should try to get closer to her."

"Man, I'm working on it!" confessed Lumierre. "I really am." As an afterthought, he added, "I think Jessie and James are too, and it sort of brings up the issue of romance between Cloe's side and my side. Jessie and James are practically inseparable. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Jessie walking around in a little wedding dress any day."

"I see you being as much of a friend as possible to Cloe," continued Claws as though the words about the Celovix had never been said. "An amazing friend. And that's really cool. But the truth is, if anything is going to happen, one of you is going to have to make the first move. I think she's too shy to do it."

"Shy?!?" sputtered Lumierre. "She's the happiest, loudest person I know!"

"Yes," said Claws. "But I think it's possible to be loud and happy and shy all at the same time. She, not being the type of person who will allow one single person to rule her mood, will want you to make the first move to prove that you care enough to do so. If you don't say anything, she will assume that you don't feel the way she wants and she will move on with her life." He paused. "Despite all of her joy and optimism, you know, she really is self-conscious."

"I think I knew that all along," said Lumi a bit uncertainly, "but I didn't really want to count on that being the reason she hasn't been more blatant."

"She hasn't been blatant enough for you?" laughed Claws. "She loves sitting next to you."

"Friends always sit next to each other. Or across from each other," added Lumi.

"She pokes you at random."

"She pokes everyone at random!"

"Not any other males," answered the Paralix. "She keeps the pumpkin you gave her for Halloween right next to her bed at all times. She hugs you when you show up after you've been gone for more than about two hours. If you're not around for over one day at a time, she starts saying she misses you all the time. She's always going on about how certain songs - and mind you, they are mushy love songs - remind her of you. She always takes your side in arguments, no matter what."

"You're tempting me very much to give up the job hunt and go find her right now," said Lumi uneasily, "but they all seem like they could be little things. Maybe she's like that all the time to everyone."

"She's generally very affectionate," said Claws, "But not to anyone as much as you."

Lumierre looked down at his plate. "I'm not hungry anymore."

"Go ask her so you can be happy," grinned Claws.

"I can't do it now," groaned Lumi. "I don't know how she'll react."

"Lumi," said Claws, looking very seriously into his friend's face, "You absolutely have to trust me on this one. I mean it."