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Thanksgiving - Tales from the Veta Lake Apartments [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Olivia's Subeta Stories

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Thanksgiving [Nov. 23rd, 2006|08:35 pm]
Olivia's Subeta Stories


Thanksgiving is a time renowned for family. All the residents of the Veta Lake apartments who had families to go home to went home and the rest did whatever they felt like, waiting until later to celebrate with their collective roommates.

Clonie scooted around outside and played with Fred and Professor, who didn't remember their pasts and could only assume that their absences wouldn't seriously hurt anyone, because they didn't know who to visit. They went shopping. No one really knows where Loopy went. Seratonin wasn't necessarily getting along well with her family, so she attended their residence briefly just to make it known that she still cared - a little - and after that left.

Lumierre, on the other hand, and Salenia, Nairu, Claws, and Shields all had families who were having big celebrations.

That evening, they all gathered in Apartment 327 to eat popcorn out of a bowl and generally visit for Thanksgiving. Seratonin mostly ate coffee beans instead. Some minions sat patiently next to their owners and some dozed on the beds behind their owners.

"So, how did everyone's visits go?" asked Nairu, settling back against one of the beds.

"It was nice," said Claws. "My family and I get along very well when we're not living together," he added, grinning.

"I hear that," said Nairu. "Going back to the house-mansion-thing today where I used to live, there were so many people that my parents started calling us all by the wrong names."

"Whoa," said Lumierre. "Yeah, I was afraid my family wouldn't handle the whole becoming-Reborn thing very well. I was afraid they'd think it was too intense, but they actually seemed to like it. Even my grandparents."

"Pssh, how could they possibly not like how you look?" Clonie said, grinning up at him from his side.

"My family is always asking me what I'm going to look like," said Nairu. "I don't think they really know how often they ask me if I've decided to change my appearance yet, but basically, I end up explaining to all of about thirty extended family members that I LIKE being Common without any amazing endowed powers. No offense to those who have them," she added to Lumierre.

"None taken," said the Torrey happily.

"Your family sounds kind of crazy but also kind of fun," Clonie told Nairu.

"Yeah, we descended from a large crowd of escaped circus freaks," sighed Nairu, smiling nonetheless at her friend.

"How was your holiday, Sally?" asked Fred, having listened and wanting to include the quietest member too.

"It was lovely," said Salenia. "It's so cool seeing all my family members in one place every once in a while."

"I know," said Shields. "It's a little weird because I haven't known them all my life, but I guess that makes Thanksgiving more important to celebrate because we found each other again."

"It was such an awkward performance going to see my family," said Seratonin. "They all don't quite understand my situation, so they serve a lot of stuff I can't eat and look at me funny all the time. Seriously, it's the exact same look people give me when I say I'm a vampire. ...You people and us have so much in common." Seratonin rolled her eyes in amusement, then turned them to Loopy. "And where did you go all day?"

"I...I just hung out," Loopy said. "I don't really know. Mostly explored the Sacred Lands just a bit, the unpopulated parts."

"Neat," said Clonie briskly. "Hey, I have an idea. Let's light a bunch of candles and put them in the middle of the floor and turn off all the lights and roast marshmallows over them." She sprang up to grab the candles from a drawer.

"Clonie, you can't cook marshmallows over candles," said Nairu.

"Says you," said Clonie.

"Oh, well. If it doesn't work, we can just eat the marshmallows and pretend we're sitting around a campfire," said Nairu.